ONLINE CHAT – Larry & Andy Wachowski November 6, 1999
Chat with the Wachowski Brothers

Geof Darrow所画的Andy和Larry

(站主注:百度骇客帝国吧的“杂物”曾在2006年根据Matrix Virtual Theatre的记录翻译过沃卓斯基导演俩和影迷的对话,原帖地址:https://tieba.baidu.com/p/81438280,原帖的内容已经因贴吧的审查而有所缺损。Matrix Virtual Theatre的记录和旧官网Bonus Interviews的记录之间有一定出入,这里综合了两份记录的内容。)

The brothers sat down this past Saturday night for a bit of a chat, one which tried something a little different. Those with the DVD, and a DVD-ROM player, were able to watch the movie along with the directors. This allowed Larry and Andy to comment on specific scenes while people asked their questions. Those without a DVD-ROM were, of course, also able to participate. For this transcript, we’ve included a short description of what was being viewed during the chat.


Larry and Andy had a great time. Their only misgiving was not having adequate time in the chat environment to answer questions more fully. They want to fix that. We’re going to set up a specific place here at the site where people can post questions to the Brothers. This is a direct result of everyone involved asking such great questions. We’ll have news of how we’re going to set this up here and on the front page, shortly.


WachowskiBros: Hi!

ILoveNatPortman says: Can you give any information on the sequels, or even confirm their existence?

ILoveNatPortman 说:你能透露一点结局的信息吗?或者甚至确定结局的存在?

WachowskiBros: Yes, we are working on them right now. Well, we would be working on them right now except we have to be here in the chat room right now, LOL


blindrocket says: Do you practice Martial Arts?

blindrocket 说:你们练武术吗?

WachowskiBros: No, we do not, but we watch a lot of Kung Fu movies.


AgentMartin says: Why didn’t you both do the commentary on the DVD, time restraints?

AgentMartin 说:为什么你们不自己做评论音轨,时间不够吗?

WachowskiBros: That’s a two-part answer. Part one is that we believe that film is a collaborative media, that’s why we never take a film credit. We think the other artists who help create a film are important and interesting, and for people who want to understand the process of filmmaking. And the second part is, that we were too tired.


Hiryu says: Which Anime inspired you the most and why?

Hiryu 说:哪部动画你们最有灵感,为什么?

WachowskiBros: We liked Ghost in the Shell and the Ninja Scroll and Akira in anime. One thing that they do that we tried to bring to our film was a juxtaposition of time and space in action beats.


AgentMartin says: Is there anything in The Matrix which you weren’t too happy with; wished you could have done differently?

AgentMartin 说:在《黑客帝国》里有什么是你们不太喜欢的,你们希望作一些改变的?

WachowskiBros: That would require the rest of the chat to answer! But, we’ll answer that in general we’re fairly happy with the way it turned out.


blindrocket says: Would you consider yourselves computer nerds?

blindrocket 说:你们认为自己是computer nerds吗?

WachowskiBros: You got the second part right, just nerds! LOL


AgentMartin says: Were you excited about DVD as a medium for your movies to go to the homes of the masses?

AgentMartin 说:你们为自己的DVD作为媒体进入大众家庭而兴奋吗?

WachowskiBros: As a technology, DVD is an exciting medium. But like many technologies, it still needs to be developed by the users of the technology.


Enigma says: What is the role or faith in the movie? Faith in oneself first and foremost – or in something else?

Enigma 说:电影最主要讲什么?相信自己还是别的什么?

WachowskiBros: Hmmmm…that is a tough question! Faith in one’s self, how’s that for an answer?


Peter says: Will there be a directors’ cut of The Matrix with any deleted scenes or out-takes?

Peter 说:会发行有未删除部分的导演剪辑版吗?

WachowskiBros: Nope, nope! Because we were pretty happy with the way it turned out.


AgentMartin says: The two of you seemed to have a great relationship together for the making of this movie. Have you always been very close?

AgentMartin 说:看起来你们在拍电影的时候关系很好。你们平时一直很亲近吗?

WachowskiBros: We just met actually. Tonight!


Sentinel says: What comic books inspired the look of the Matrix?

Sentinel 说:哪部漫画对《黑客帝国》的视觉效果影响最深?

WachowskiBros: The largest influence from the comic book world on the actual design would be the art of Geof Darrow.

WachowskiBros:在漫画上受的最大的影响是Geof Darrow作品的设计效果。

Playing on the DVD Now: Scene of Fed Express delivery man giving package to Neo in the office cubicle:This is the very first scene we shot in the movie, on our first day, this scene that’s playing right now, the scene with the FedEx guy. 18 set-ups in one day.


Hiryu says: If you get the chance to make a Matrix spin-off TV series will you?

Hiryu 说:你们是否会拍《黑客帝国》衍生的电视剧?

WachowskiBros: Maybe. Especially if it could be in anime.


blindrocket says: Which one of you is the older brother?

blindrocket says:你们哪个是哥哥?

WachowskiBros: I am.


Revenge says: What did the humans do to scorch the sky?

Revenge says:人类是如何遮盖天空的?

WachowskiBros: We’ll answer that question later.


larrikin says: How long did it take to film in Sydney? Was the entire movie shot in Sydney?

larrikin says:在悉尼拍了多久?整部都在那里拍的吗?

WachowskiBros: 118 days, and yes.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene of Neo on the ledge of the office building, trying to escape from the agents.

Actually, this is Keanu Reeves actually getting out onto an actual ledge, without a stunt man. He does this entire scene without a stunt man, and it’s 34 floors up.



hokeyboy says: Were the filmmakers influenced by Alex Proyas’s similarly-themed “Dark City”?

hokeyboy says:剧组有没有受Alex Proyas主题相似的一部叫《移魂都市》的电影的影响?

WachowskiBros: No, but we thought it was very strange that Australia came to have three films associated with it that were all about the nature of reality — Dark City, The Truman Show and The Matrix.


Enjoythesilence says: How would you say Bound and the Matrix are similar?

Enjoythesilence says:对于《惊世狂花》和《黑客帝国》相似的说法,你们怎么看?

WachowskiBros: Both films examine the idea of an individual searching for their true self while attempting to escape the box that we often make of our lives.


calla says: What do the time 9:18 and the date 9/18 signify? Is this a personal reference?

calla says:时间9:18和9月18号是什么意思?这是对个人的暗示吗?

WachowskiBros: That’s my wife’s birthday (said Andy).


Inge says: How long did the lobby scene take to shoot?

Inge says:大厅枪战用了多久拍的?

WachowskiBros: It took 12 days to shoot the lobby scene.


Inge says: Which scene are you guys most happy with? Favorite? For me it was when NEO was on his way to Morpheus the first time.

Inge says:哪个镜头是你们最喜欢的?我最喜欢NEO第一次在路上去见MORPHEUS时的片段。

WachowskiBros: If you’re talking about the pill scene, that’s our favorite too.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene where the bug was being put into Neo’s stomach by the Agents. That was a prosthetic stomach, by the way.


Hiryu says: Did the movie Johnny Mnemonic play a role in casting Keanu Reeves for the role of Neo?

Hiryu says: 让基努·里维斯扮演Neo是否有电影《约翰尼的记忆》的原因在?

WachowskiBros: No.


Sealouse says: Why was it filmed in Australia?

Sealouse says:为什么在澳大利亚拍呢?

WachowskiBros: Cost.


calla says: There are quite a few hidden messages in the movie that I notice the more I watch it. Can you tell me about how many there are?

calla says:电影里有很多隐藏信息,我越看就找到越多。你们能告诉我那里到底有多少吗?

WachowskiBros: There are more than you’ll ever know.


Inge says: Did you guys take a nice holiday after the film opened? You deserve it!

Inge says:电影上映后你们有没有度一个假?那是你们应得的!

WachowskiBros: Thank you very much! And we did.


Sentinel says: What do you think of the fans of the Matrix?

Sentinel says:你们觉得黑迷咋样?

WachowskiBros: We love them.


ToiletCommando says: Are you prepared to become legends?

ToiletCommando says:你们准备成为传奇吗?

WachowskiBros: Legends of what?

WachowskiBros: 什么传奇?

MadMatt says: You guys BIG Jackie Chan fans?

MadMatt says:你们是成龙迷吗?

WachowskiBros: Yes, we love a lot of Hong Kong cinema. Jackie Chan in Drunken Master II is fantastic.


TheTrinityACMXCL says: What about the animals in the Matrix? Are they real animals or just computer-generated images?

TheTrinityACMXCL says:那在系统里的动物是真的还是只是电脑模拟的图像?

WachowskiBros: Sadly, they are all computer-generated images.


ToiletCommando says: Is it true that you got some of your ideas from the Vertigo comic The Invisibles?

ToiletCommando says:你们从Vertigo的漫画The Invisibles中得到一部分灵感这个说法是真的吗?

WachowskiBros: We do enjoy that comic, but no.


ThedrickFel says: What exactly was the mirror made of? Was it the same stuff they injected into Morpheus? Why silver?

ThedrickFel says:那面镜子到底是什么东西做的?是和注射到Morpheus身体里的是同一种东西吗?为啥是银的?

WachowskiBros: The mirror is actually a mirror. When Neo sees it it’s a hallucination, but it’s the direct result of the pill Morpheus had given Neo. Reflections in general are a significant theme in the film. The ideas of worlds within worlds.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene where Neo is breaking out of the pod.


WachowskiBros: We’re pretty happy with the way this scene turned out. Keanu did some amazing work in this scene which included six hours every morning of prosthetic makeup. And he had to sit in a freezing cold vat of goo for another six hours.


AgentMartin says: Are you surprised by the amount of Internet life that The Matrix has spawned, fan sites etc?

AgentMartin says:你们对黑客帝国产生的很多黑迷网站而惊讶吗?

WachowskiBros: Surprised? Yes, very, surprised. We are very, completely stupefied by the fan response to the film.


On DVD, Morpheus offers Neo a choice…
WachowskiBros: The idea of the reflection, the two Neos in Morpheus’ glasses, is that this represents the two lives Neo is leading. In the left lens, we see the blue pill and Thomas Anderson, and in the right lens, we see the red pill and Neo.


WhachowskiBros:反射的概念,在Morpheus眼镜里的两个Neo代表了他的两种生活。在左边的镜片中,我们看到蓝药片和Thomas Anderson,而在右边的镜片中是红药片和Neo。

Jose says What kind of drug does the red pill contain?

Jose 说:红药丸装的是什么成分?

WachowskiBros: It’s like a computer virus that’s meant to disrupt Neo’s life signal so that they can pinpoint where Neo’s body is in the power plant.


Playing on the DVD Now:Scene where all the acupuncture needles were in Neo and they were rebuilding his muscles


I was very happy with the Don Davis score in this scene, that included his use of a boy soprano, which I thought was very eerie. Don had a great idea, to use a human voices choir in scenes like the power plant and scenes on the Neb to sort of suggest the plight of humanity.

我很喜欢Don Davis在这个镜头的配乐,其中使用的男高音吟唱在我看来十分诡异。他很有水平,用人的声音来表达发电站和Neb上的情况,表现人类的挣扎。

Renxo says: Which is your favorite flick?

Renxo says:你们最喜欢哪个部分?

WachowskiBros: Too many to answer.


unholyTrinity says: When did you think about making this movie for the very first time? Was there a kind of special inspiration given by any event, occasion or something like that?

unholyTrinity says:你们什么时候开始想拍这么一部电影的?这是某件事情给你们的灵感吗?

WachowskiBros: It all happened very rapidly. We were working on another comic book, and a friend asked us if we had any ideas for a new series. And we said no, and then we just started talking about a couple of ideas that we had been working on in connection to cyberpunk fiction. And, a whole idea sort of exploded, over a period of about three days.


Renxo says: Where were you born?

Renxo says:你们出生在哪里啊?

WachowskiBros: Chicago


Doc says: So, WAS the Japanese animation Megazone 23 an inspiration for the Matrix? The stories seem very similar.

Doc says:《黑客帝国》有没有受日本动画片《无限地带23》的影响?故事看起来很像。

WachowskiBros: I’ve never seen it. But send us a copy, it sounds good.


theman says: How did you guys come up with the idea for The Matrix? Playing video games? Shock therapy?

theman says:你们咋想到《黑客帝国》的?打游戏?休克疗法?

WachowskiBros: No, designer drugs.


Starr22 says: Are all the religious symbolism and doctrine throughout this movie intentional, or not?

Starr22 says:在电影里所有关于宗教的符号和教条都是有意义的吗?

WachowskiBros: Most of it is intentional.


On DVD, on the Neb, Neo is being plugged in for the first time.
WachowskiBros: One of the things we tried to do with the Neb, when we were shooting “in the real world”, was use long lenses to separate the humans from the background; as opposed to when we shot the Matrix, we used short lenses to place the humans in specific deep spaces. We also tinted all of the lights blue in the “real world” and green in the Matrix.



Renxo says: Do you reflect your personality on Neo’s character? Were you/are you…hackers?

Renxo says:你们有没有把自己的特点加到Neo身上?你们是黑客吗?

WachowskiBros: We’re probably not good enough to call ourselves hackers, like NEO.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene where Morpheus and Neo are discussing the scorched earth in the Matrix

WachowskiBros: There have been many questions about the history that Morpheus suggests in this scene, and we have written the history in a fair amount of detail, and we often have hoped that if we did an anime series, we would tell the story of this history and the story of the first One. Somebody asked us about the liquification of humans. That’s what they feed the people in the pods, the dead people are liquefied and fed to the living people in the pods. Always recycle! It’s a statement on recycling.



White_Beezatch says: Will there ever be a Matrix video game?

White_Beezatch says:会有黑客帝国游戏吗?

WachowskiBros: Hopefully yes. If things work out the way we want them to, the video game will be released when the next movie comes out, and it will actually have something to do with the movie.


DrBasher says: Who came up with the wardrobe, because Trinity’s outfits rocked? So did Morpheus’ and Neo’s. Was it part of the original script?

DrBasher says:谁设计的服装?Trinity的衣服好酷。Morpheus和Neo的也是。这也是在原始剧本里的吗?

WachowskiBros: We described her as a woman in black leather in the script. But, mainly the costumes were designed by Kym Barrett.

WachowskiBros:我们在原始剧本说她是穿着黑皮衣的女人。主要是由Kym Barrett设计的。

Chandler says: Since you have worked with the same composer and cinematographer (the great Bill Pope) did you find that it was easier to think ahead about a visual or musical style for the film?

Chandler says:你们和之前合作过的作曲人和摄影师(伟大的Bill Pope)共事,这是否令你们在考虑电影的视觉听觉类型时更轻松?

WachowskiBros: Did Bill Pope ask this question?No, but it’s easier to execute them. You develop a shorthand language with people you’ve worked with before. You tell Bill “We need a ‘B’ move”, and he knows what to do.

WachowskiBros:是Bill Pope 让你问的吗?没有,但更容易执行。和合作过的人会有一些特定的短语。对Bill说:“我们要个B运动。”他就知道怎么做。

pomru says: My friends and I are wondering what anime you showed the producers to get this movie green-lighted?

pomru says:我和我的朋友想知道你们给制片人看了什么动画,让他同意把电影弄绿一点?

WachowskiBros: If only it had been that easy. We had to draw the entire movie and Keanu Reeves had to agree to do the movie before anybody green-lit it.


DrBasher says: Also, the special effects rocked, was the script conceived knowing the special effects were available, or were the special effects conceived to make the script possible?

DrBasher says:还有特效太强,是剧本使得特效有发挥的余地还是特效孕育了剧本?

WachowskiBros: Some of the special effects had to be invented, mainly Bullet Time.


yellerdog says: What are the odds of the Wachowskis directing a “straight up” live action adaptation of an anime?

yellerdog says:你们直接指导一部改编的动画的可能性是多少?

WachowskiBros: I thought we did.


DrBasher says: How long did it take to come up with the script, because it’s great?

DrBasher says:你们花了多久构思的剧本?因为那太棒了。

WachowskiBros: We wrote the script before we had even directed Bound. And had been working on it up until the time of production.


TGee says: When did you first think you would have such a huge hit on your hands?

TGee says:你们在什么时候第一次想到自己会有这么一部大热的电影?

WachowskiBros: It kind of was like a giant art house hit, in that it just kept going and going and people kept talking about it, and there was never a moment where people were like “it’s huge.” People liked it, and it just kept going.


ToiletCommando says: Are you going to do any projects besides the Matrix?

ToiletCommando says:除了《黑客帝国》你们还会拍别的东西吗?

WachowskiBros: Maybe. If we’re still alive.


Playing on the DVD Now: Kung-fu training with Morpheus.

WachowskiBros: This scene took fifteen days to shoot, and about four months of training…it’s all Keanu. This is Keanu running up the pillar and doing the full airborne 360.



ToiletCommando says: Is it hard to work as brothers? Don’t you disagree on everything?

ToiletCommando says:和兄弟合作困难吗?有分歧咋办?

WachowskiBros: Mom flies down to the set every day to settle every one of our arguments.


BigMac says: Rumor has it that Cypher is not dead. Is this true?

BigMac says:谣传说Cypher没有死。是真的吗?

WachowskiBros: If you ask Joey Pants, it is. Joey Pants started that rumor.

WachowskiBros:如果你问Joey Pants,那答案是肯定的。就是他开始谣传的。

Playing on the DVD Now: The jump scene where Morpheus jumps from one building to another


WachowskiBros: That shot, where Morpheus jumps up out of frame, we called “The Worst Camera Operator Shot in the World.”


garrett says: Isn’t it rather ironic that Morpheus and his crew are completely dependent upon technology and computers, the very evils against which they are fighting?

garrett says:Morpheus和他的船员十分依靠电脑技术,那是他们最大的敌人啊。是不是很讽刺?

WachowskiBros: Yes!

WachowskiBros: 就是嘛!

ooo says: What is The Matrix?

ooo says:什么是The Matrix?

WachowskiBros: About two hours and fifteen minutes long.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene entering the building where they ambushed by agents

WachowskiBros: Those doors are actually made out of wood.


WachowskiBros: 那些门其实都是木头做的.

spark says: What made you decide on the green tint for being in the Matrix?

spark says:什么使你们决定在Matrix里使用绿色调?

WachowskiBros: It was a whole motif inspired by the phosphorous green of old PCs.


Playing on the DVD Now: Agent training where woman in red dress appears


WachowskiBros: People don’t realize how important this scene is. Because we are all staring at the woman in the red dress! There’s actually twins and triplets that we hired in that scene. And all of the clothes are based on black and white costumes, like nuns, chefs, brides, sailors. We had the idea that Mouse just doubled people instead of making originals. But we couldn’t afford to do it digitally, so we ended up hiring as many doubles, or as many twins, as we could find in Sydney. It was kind of like a bad dream on the set.


grey says: How did you get the money for “The Matrix”?

grey says:你们拍《黑客帝国》的钱怎么搞来的?

WachowskiBros: Begged. And the big-hearted Warner Brothers came through.


Stone says: Would you like to direct Jackie Chan?

Stone says:你们想给成龙拍电影吗?

WachowskiBros: Sure!


Lyn says: Have you guys been approached to direct Batman?

Lyn says:有没有人让你们拍蝙蝠侠?

WachowskiBros: Yes, but we thought we’d be busy doing the sequels.


Playing on the DVD Now: Sentinels looking for the Neb and then Cypher with Agent Smith in restaurant

DVD播放:电子乌贼在搜索Neb,然后Cypher和 Agent Smith在餐馆里。

WachowskiBros: We’re pretty happy with the way the sentinels turned out. The digital artist that John Gaeta found did some amazing work. Cypher, at the beginning of this scene, is setting up an automated system to allow him to go meet with Agent Smith. By the way, this steak was one of the best steaks we had in Sydney. We got to eat all of the ones that Cypher didn’t finish. Several of the cast members actually got sick eating this stuff during this scene.

WachowskiBros:我们很喜欢电子乌贼的样子。John Gaeta找来的电脑动画师做得很好。Cypher在这之前设置了自动运行系统来准备这次见面。顺便说一下,他吃的这块牛排是悉尼最好的牛排之一。后来我们把他没吃完的牛排都给吃了。一些工作人员吃出病来了。

EZGuest316 says: Could you say a little about the sound design which was terrific such as the slo-mo bullet ripple effects, Foley effects?

EZGuest316 says:能说说是怎么设计子弹时间那种恐怖的声音吗?

WachowskiBros: Dane Davis is a genius. He built all of these sound effects from all kinds of original sounds. He’d put bullets on strings and whirled them around his studio, he digitized raindrops against windowpanes to create the sound of the Matrix code.

WachowskiBros:Dane Davis 是个天才。他从很多原始声音中合成了这些声音。他把子弹系在绳子上,在录音室里转圈。他处理了雨打在玻璃窗上声音来制作绿色数码的音效。

JediKnight says: Have you been approached with any sci-fi scripts and do you have plans to do any?

JediKnight says:你们现在准备拍一些别的科幻片吗?

WachowskiBros: Right now, we’re focusing just on Matrix 2 and 3.


Freethinker says: Just out of curiosity, do you guys hold to any religious beliefs?

Freethinker says:我是好奇啦,你们有什么宗教信仰吗?

WachowskiBros: Non-denominational.


Astral_Traveler says: How did you choose the music?

Astral_Traveler says:你们怎么选择音乐?

WachowskiBros: For the most part, we chose the music ourselves. But we hired a consultant D.J. in LA named Jason Bentley, a musical whiz kid, who had a lot of swell ideas.

WachowskiBros:大部分我们自己挑,但我们还聘请了一个洛杉矶的DJ,叫Jason Bentley的音乐神童,他有很多奇特的想法。

JimmyEO971 says: Will Joe Pantoliano be the DeNiro to your Scorsese, the Divine to your John Waters?

JimmyEO971 says:Joe Pantoliano(Cypher的扮演者)对你们来说会是Scorsese的DeNiro,John Waters的Divine吗?

WachowskiBros: There is a court order against Joe Pantoliano for coming within 100 feet of us.


biggysmalls says: How many bluescreen/greenscreen shots are in this movie?

biggysmalls says:在电影里用了多少蓝幕/绿幕技术?

WachowskiBros: That’s a good question. There are 450 digital effect shots, but green screen? Probably about 125.


wrygrass says: Did ideas from Buddhism influence you in making the film?

wrygrass says:在拍电影时有没有受佛教的影响?

WachowskiBros: Yes. There’s something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.


gdreams says: Will you use Yeun Woo Ping again?

gdreams says:你们还会用袁和平吗?

WachowskiBros: Hell yes!


gtbpitt says: Do you think The Matrix will develop a cult following in the decades to come?

gtbpitt says:你们认为《黑客帝国》可以在未来十年内产生一大批信徒吗?

WachowskiBros: We hope it’s as big as the Night of the Lepus.

WachowskiBros: 我们希望和《魔兔之夜》一样多.

Playing on the DVD Now: Scene where Neo and Morpheus enter Oracle’s apartment


WachowskiBros: This is my wife (Andy) about to be on the screen here. She comes in right there! …This kid is great!


letmein says: The phrase “paying taxes” comes up a few times. Why?

letmein says:“纳税”这个词出现了好几次。为什么?

WachowskiBros: Because we usually couldn’t afford to pay ours. It is an examination of what is and is not certain.


Tank says: I am a computer artist and I am very interested in knowing what type of computers and software you used to create the 3D effects?

Tank says:我是电脑动画技师,我很想知道你们在做3D效果的时候用的是什么样的电脑和软件?

WachowskiBros: A lot of the guys at Mannex wrote their programs with Softimage. We think.

WachowskiBros: 我想很多Mannex的人用Softimage自己写的程序吧。

On DVD, The Oracle.
WachowskiBros: Awesome actress!



Wesbran says: Is the title “The Matrix” related to the mitochondrial matrix located in cells; the site of cell respiration, the creation of energy in humans?

Wesbran says:“The Matrix”这个标题和细胞里的线粒体基质(mitochondrial matrix)有关系吗?这是细胞呼吸的位置,人体的能量来源。

WachowskiBros: Like the movie itself, there is a lot of word play, a lot of hidden other meanings, a lot of multiple meanings. Besides that, we also like the definition, the mathematical definition of the use of matrix, or the use of it in terms of a woman’s womb.


DVDReporter383 says: Do you surf fan sites? Do you have the time?

DVDReporter383 says:你们会看影迷网站吗?你们有时间吗?

WachowskiBros: We’ve looked at a few. There are some cool ones out there.


virtualMatrix says: What is the significance of Neo eating the Oracle’s cookie?

virtualMatrix says:Neo吃先知的饼干有什么意义?

WachowskiBros: There was a piece cut out of the movie that explained the significance more. It’s hard to explain.


agunn3 says: Have you ever been told that the Matrix has Gnostic overtones?

agunn3 says:有没有人和你们说过《黑客帝国》有诺斯替教的色彩?

WachowskiBros: Do you consider that to be a good thing?


RockyMtnBri says: Any chance of novels being written above and beyond the movie, like Star Wars?

RockyMtnBri says:会有关于电影或超越电影的小说吗?就像星战那样。

WachowskiBros: Maybe.


Freethinker says: The Matrix was very-well received by critics, as well. Did that surprise you? How much stock do you hold in critics?

Freethinker says: 《黑客帝国》也受到了很多评论家的好评。你们感到意外吗?你们对评论家有多大的把握?

WachowskiBros: There were some critics that really didn’t like it. Did it surprise us that some liked it? You don’t really hold much stock in critics, you tend to make movies for first, yourselves, and second, your audience. And the greatest thing about critics is that sometimes they can help find your audience.


AgentMarr says: What was the thinking behind the use of numbers that can be read both ways like 303 on the hotel door where Neo meets his destiny?

AgentMarr says:那些正反着读都一样的数字该如何解读?比如Neo遭遇命运的303房间。

WachowskiBros: Like the wordplay, there’s a lot of numbers play in the movie as well.


Mike says: What were your fondest moments while filming The Matrix?

Mike says:在拍《黑客帝国》时最高兴的是什么时候?

WachowskiBros: Finishing!


Playing on the DVD Now: Where they are trying to escape the agents inside the wall of the building


WachowskiBros: This scene, this set right here, the wet wall, is something like forty-eight feet high, and they are actually really worming their way down with wires. This was a hard stunt.


DVDReporter383 says: Do you surf the net? If so, where do you go?

DVDReporter383 says:你们上网吗?上的话,一般去哪儿?

WachowskiBros: We’re everywhere.


linusa says: Do you believe that our world is in some way similar to “The Matrix,” that there is a larger world outside of this existence?

linusa says:你们相信我们在Matrix这样的世界里吗?在这个世界外会有一个更大的世界吗?

WachowskiBros: That is a larger question than you actually might think. We think the most important sort of fiction attempts to answer some of the big questions. One of the things that we had talked about when we first had the idea of The Matrix was an idea that I believe philosophy and religion and mathematics all try to answer. Which is, a reconciling between a natural world and another world that is perceived by our intellect.


godbox says: Confronted with Neo’s choice, which would you chose?

godbox says:面临Neo的选择时,你们会如何选择?

WachowskiBros: Blue pill.


Fuchikoma says: What response did you get from established filmmakers upon the Matrix’s release? Any unexpected phone calls etc.?

Fuchikoma says:对于电影的上映,你们从制片人处得到什么样的回复?有预料之外的电话之类的吗?

WachowskiBros: We had a lot of wonderful comments.


Lincoln says: What comment do you have to those who say that the Matrix will probably be recognized as the first 21st Century film?

Lincoln says:对于那些说黑客帝国会被作为21世纪的电影代表的人,你们怎么说?

WachowskiBros: Well, first we’d be grateful for the comment. Then we’d have to point out the clerical error that it’s in the 20th Century, and not the 21st until 2001.


wrygrass says: Did you do camcorder films or other film practice that helped you direct?

wrygrass says:你们有没用可携式摄像机或其他的练习来帮助拍摄?

WachowskiBros: No, nothing on video, but we did fiddle around with 16 mm film.

WachowskiBros: 不,没有拍下来,但我们会摆弄16毫米胶卷。

Revenge says: What is the symbolism of all the analog rotary phones?

Revenge says:那些模拟转盘电话有什么象征意义?

WachowskiBros: There’s a couple of meanings. We liked the analog nature of older technology. We liked the suggestion of old original phone hackers. It sort of suggested the big Rube Goldberg device that’s in the mirror scene.

WachowskiBros:有很多意思。我们喜欢旧技术的模拟性质。我们暗示了老式的电话飞客。这也某种程度上暗示了那个镜子场景所使用的Rube Goldberg装置。

On DVD, Agent Smith tries to get Morpheus to give the access codes to Zion.
WachowskiBros: That’s the largest translight ever constructed, and that is actual mercury in the hypodermic needle, by the way. It was considered one of our most dangerous sets, because we had mercury, it had to be poured into the hypodermic needle.


WachowskiBros: 这是建造过的最大的照明背衬。顺便一说,注射器针头里面是真的水银。这被认为是我们拍的最危险的镜头之一,因为我们用了水银,而且必须倒进注射器里面。

Inge says: What was it like seeing the movie with an audience for the first time?

Inge says:第一次和观众一起看这部电影是什么感觉?

WachowskiBros: Terrifying.


Stone says: Was the Alice in Wonderland theme just a whim, or do you guys have a big love of it?

Stone says:把《爱丽丝梦游仙境》放进来只是一时的兴致,还是你们非常喜欢?

WachowskiBros: Big fan! It is a brilliant book. Many of the themes we tried to echo in The Matrix.


Orange_Crush says: I noticed that The Matrix is currently #30 in the IMDB top 250. That’s quite an achievement. How do you feel about being classified with other legendary films and filmmakers?

Orange_Crush says:我注意到《黑客帝国》排进了IMDB前250强,目前排名第30。这是一个很大的成绩,你们认为和其他传奇电影和制片人列在一起感觉如何?

WachowskiBros: Lucky.


Wesbran says: What happens to all the gadgets in this movie after it is done filming?

Wesbran says:电影拍完后,那些道具咋办?

WachowskiBros: Most of them are so fragile they break as soon as you’re done filming. And Joel Silver collects the rest.

WachowskiBros:大部分是易碎品,基本上拍完就坏了。其他的被Joel Silver(制片人)收去了。

Sinclair says: Why were they only able to jack in through hard lines, but still able to communicate over cell?

Sinclair says:为啥他们只能从电话线接入,却可以用手机联络?

WachowskiBros: Sinclair, Good question! Mostly we felt that the amount of information that was being sent into the Matrix required a significant portal. Those portals, we felt, were better described with the hard lines rather than cell lines. We also felt that the rebels tried to be invisible when they hacked, that’s why all the entrances and exits were sort of through decrepit and low traffic areas of the Matrix.


The12thMonkey says: The guy that played the lead agent was worryingly convincing, did it take a long time to find him?

The12thMonkey says:带头的特工说话很有说服力,是不是花了很多时间去找这个演员?

WachowskiBros: Yes, actually, and that was one of the fortuitous things about going to Sydney, is that it led us to find Hugo.


wrygrass says: You said in an interview that string theory might show up in the film, did it?

wrygrass says:你们在一次采访中说电影里也许会涉及弦理论,是吗?

WachowskiBros: Maybe in the next one, I (Larry) have just now begun to understand string theory.


XM-whatismyname says: What’s your favorite music?

XM-whatismyname says:你们喜欢什么音乐?

WachowskiBros: We love all music.


ZEUS says: How did you finally chose the names of the characters?

ZEUS says:你们是如何选角色的名字的?

WachowskiBros: They were all chosen carefully, and all of them have multiple meanings.


Renxo says: How many times have you seen the movie yourselves?

Renxo says:你们看了这部电影多少遍?

WachowskiBros: More than everyone.


Qualopec says: How hard was it to get the kind of budget you wanted for this film?

Qualopec says:获得电影拍摄所需要的预算有多难?

WachowskiBros: We had to go across the world to secure that budget.


wrygrass says: Do you have any funny stories from filming you would like to share?

wrygrass says:拍电影时有什么好玩的事吗?

WachowskiBros: That newspaper had to be actually a giant piece of metal with newspaper glued to metal pages. How’s that for funny?

WachowskiBros: 报纸是其实是用带着报纸的巨大铁片粘在一起的,好玩吗?

Lincoln says: What is your fave line in the movie?

Lincoln says:你们最喜欢的台词是?

WachowskiBros: “Dodge this.” And, “There is no spoon.” We also liked that one.

WachowskiBros:”Dodge this.” 和”There is no spoon.” 也是我们很喜欢的。

Mahy says: Do all of the things that happen in the Matrix have some computer-based analogy…or did you just do some of it because it was cool?

Mahy says:在Matrix里所有的事都是和电脑有关联的吗……还是说你们因为这样比较酷就加了一些东西?

WachowskiBros: Yes. We like to try and pack as much stuff as we can in when we do a movie. So some of the stuff we do relates to the narrative, and some of the stuff we do because we like.


biggysmalls says: Do you like Planet Of The Apes?

biggysmalls says:你们喜欢 《人猿星球》吗?

WachowskiBros: Yes, love it! “Get your damned dirty hands off, you stinkin ape!”


Enigma says: The character Neo…Is Neo his real self and Thomas Anderson who he is “required” to be?

Enigma says:Neo这个角色……是不是Neo是他真实的自我,而Thomas Anderson则是他“被要求”成为的人?

WachowskiBros: Neo is Thomas Anderson’s potential self.

WachowskiBros:Neo就是Thomas Anderson潜在的自己。

Job says: Do you realize that your new ideas have changed the way people will see movies in the future?

Job says:你们注意到你们新奇的主意已经改变了人们看电影的方式了吗?

WachowskiBros: Really?


Playing on the DVD Now: Describing Bullet Time


WachowskiBros: The idea of Bullet Time came about because we wanted to shoot an event at incredibly high speed which means slow motion, but move the camera at regular speed, which is impossible. The first theory for Bullet Time involved a rocket camera that was abandoned for safety purposes. Then, John Gaeta suggested a digital solution. Which brought it to the screen.

WachowskiBros:子弹时间的概念源于我们想要用极高的速度拍摄一个事件以展现慢动作,但镜头还是按正常速度移动,而这是不可能的。我们原先有一个用火箭摄像机的想法,但由于安全因素被放弃了。后来John Gaeta提出了数字化的解决方案,最终将子弹时间带到了屏幕上。

keanucarrie says: Which scene was the hardest to shoot?

keanucarrie says:最难拍的是哪一场戏?

WachowskiBros: The subway fight scene. It was incredibly cold and everyone was very sick and it went 10 days over schedule. And was particularly brutal to the two actors.


Dogma says: Have there been any discussions with comic book companies to publish a monthly-type of comic based on the Matrix, not just an adaptation, perhaps with Darrow illustrating it?

Dogma says:会有基于《黑客帝国》的月刊漫画吗?不只是改编本,还会有Darrow图解的那种?

WachowskiBros: We’re going to release another series of stories on the web site. Geof Darrow is going to illustrate a couple more short stories written by Andy and I. And, we’ve toyed with the idea of continuing the story in comic book form when the movies are finished.

WachowskiBros:我们会在网站上发行另一个系列故事。Geof Darrow还会再制作几个我和安迪写的短故事。我们还想再制作紧跟着电影结尾的漫画。

Trinity303 says: Do you like John Woo’s movies and style of shooting scenes of action?

Trinity303 says:你们喜欢吴宇森电影的枪战风格和动作镜头吗?

WachowskiBros: John Woo was a genius. John Woo IS a genius.


tonka says: What do you think about Star Wars?

tonka says:你们觉得《星球大战》怎么样?

WachowskiBros: It was one of the first films that we went berserk over when we were kids.


kr says: How long had you been working on writing the story and was there re-writing going on while filming?

kr says:写这个故事和拍摄时的临时改动用了多少时间?

WachowskiBros: There was not much rewriting, a little bit. Somebody asked us about the street names in the movie and all of them are significant. They are all based on places in Chicago.

WachowskiBros:改动不多,一点点啦。 有人问我们电影里的街名是否都很重要。它们都是基于芝加哥的地名。

Santayana says: I love the casting of this film. Specifically, Hugo Weaving. Why him?

Santayana says:我很喜欢电影的演员。特别是Hugo Weaving。为什么找他?

WachowskiBros: We had seen the movie “Proof” and we flew Hugo into L.A. to meet and he did a phenomenal reading. And was willing to undergo the four months of training. He’s one of the finest actors we’ve ever worked with.


Hiryu says: Did you ever consider doing a cameo appearance in the movie?

Hiryu says:你们有没有想过在电影里客串一下?

WachowskiBros: We’re too ugly!


On DVD, the subway where Neo faces off with Agent Smith

WachowskiBros: This shot here, the showdown shot, is an homage to Sergio Leone.


WachowskiBros: 这个镜头,射击决战,这是向Sergio Leone致敬。

joe says: I am amazed by the physical performance. The actors had great training. What do you think?

joe says:电影的动作表演令我惊叹。演员们训练得很不错。你们认为呢?

WachowskiBros: We’re amazed as well. We think all four of them went beyond our expectations.


Revenge says: Any influence from Blade Runner?

Revenge says:有从《银翼杀手》得到影响吗?

WachowskiBros: Blade Runner was a benchmark science fiction film, a masterpiece. Of course there’s influence. But we were like the only guys who liked that movie when we saw it, everyone else hated it.


Freethinker says: Did you know right away that it would be a trilogy?

Freethinker says:你们本来就知道会拍成三部曲的吗?

WachowskiBros: We knew we had too much material for one movie.


inkman says: Do you two feel that sci-fi is overlooked in the “Awards” arena?

inkman says:你们有注意到科幻电影不太受各奖项重视吗?

WachowskiBros: We don’t put much credence in the “awards” arena.

WachowskiBros: 我们不怎么在乎奖项。

On DVD, Neo and Agent Smith in full fight.
WachowskiBros: There are some fantastic stunts in this sequence like THAT one! Both the Australian stunt team and the Hong Kong stunt team worked very well together in this scene.


AgentMartin says: Do you appreciate people dissecting your movie? Do you find it a bit of an honor or does it annoy you a little, especially when the person may have it all wrong?

AgentMartin says:你们喜欢别人剖析你们的电影吗?你们会觉得有些荣幸,还是苦恼?特别是别人完全搞错的时候?

WachowskiBros: There’s not necessarily ever an “all wrong.” Because it’s about what a person gets out of the movie, what an individual gets out of the movie.


Vindicator says: The whole idea of electronic stimuli of atrophied muscles is great. Did you guys consult any medical experts for accuracy?

Vindicator says:电刺激来恢复肌肉的主意太棒了。你们有没有咨询医学专家来以使电影完成的更准确?

WachowskiBros: As a matter of fact, one of our best friends is a doctor. He was the first guy to show us our first autopsy.


Playing on the DVD Now: Scene where Neo runs into the outdoor market trying to escape the Agents


WachowskiBros: Watermelons, that was an homage to Gallagher. On the TV, when Neo goes by there’s an episode of “The Prisoner.”

WachowskiBros:西瓜,那是对Gallagher的敬意。在Neo经过的一个电视机播放的是The Prisoner中的一集。

Action says: Am I really watching the movie right now, or am I in…The Matrix?

Action says:我现在是真的在看电影,还是在……Matrix里?

WachowskiBros: Take another blue pill and call me tomorrow.


rawdogg says: Why did you never show Zion?

rawdogg says:为啥不把Zion秀出来?

WachowskiBros: We’re saving it for Matrix 2.


Nebelis says: What other projects did the cameraman work on and where did you find him?

Nebelis says:那个摄影师还参与过别的什么电影?你们怎么找到他的?

WachowskiBros: If you mean Bill Pope, he did our first movie “Bound” and the masterpiece “Army of Darkness.”

WachowskiBros:如果你说的是Bill Pope,他拍了我们的第一部电影《惊世狂花》和一部杰作“Army of Darkness”。

Pill says: Do you plan to write any books about this?

Pill says:你们准备写关于这个的书吗?

WachowskiBros: There is a “Making Of” book that’s coming out later this year.


virtualMatrix says: Do you believe one day, intelligent machines with AI will actually rule the world?

virtualMatrix says:你们认为某天AI会统治世界吗?

WachowskiBros: Yes. If they don’t already!


AcesAreWild says: Who Invented Bullet Time photography?

AcesAreWild says:谁发明了子弹时间拍摄法?

WachowskiBros: The original concept was ours, but the technical execution was from a company called Mannex.


AgentMartin says: Many take the Make of the Neb, “Mark 3, V.11” and quote it from the Bible “Mark 3:11”. Was this intended or is it just the make and model of the Neb and nothing more subliminal than that?

AgentMartin says:很多人说Neb的铭牌,“Mark 3, V.11”是指圣经的“马可福音 3:11”。 这是故意的,还是仅仅记录飞船的建造而没有更深的意含义?

WachowskiBros: The Nebuchadnezzar is indeed a Biblical reference, from the book of Daniel.

WachowskiBros: Nebuchadnezzar确实是对圣经的援引,来自《但以理书》。

linusa says: Will you ever tell the history of the Matrix in a novel?

linusa says:你们会把Matrix的历史写成小说吗?

WachowskiBros: Maybe.


Renxo says: Are you doing any personal presentations, anywhere?

Renxo says:你们有没有在任何地方做过自我介绍?

WachowskiBros: No.


NIKKI says: Who unplugged Morpheus and told him about The Matrix?

NIKKI says:谁解救了Morpheus并且告诉了他Matrix的事情?

WachowskiBros: We hope to tell that story in another medium one day.


Neotek says: How much of an influence was William Gibson in the production and design of this movie?

Neotek says:你们在电影的制作和设计上受 William Gibson多大的影响?

WachowskiBros: We’re big fans of William Gibson’s work.

WachowskiBros:我们是William Gibson作品的大粉丝。

Ronin says: Your movie has many and varied connections to myths and philosophies, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Arthurian, and Platonic, just to name those I’ve noticed. How much of that was intentional?

Ronin says:你们的电影里有很多各式各样的东西牵涉到神话、哲学、犹太-基督教、埃及思想、亚瑟王、柏拉图哲学,这些是我注意到的。有多少是故意放进去的?

WachowskiBros: All of it.


WachowskiBros: Sorry we could only get to 1 percent of your questions. We do appreciate all of your support. And we’ll see you in three years.


WHV: Well that’s it. Thanks for participating in The Matrix Virtual Theatre event. We’d also like to thank Larry and Andy Wachowski for spending the evening with us.

WHV: 好了,感谢大家参与黑客帝国虚拟剧场。我们还要感谢Larry与Andy Wachowski和我们共度今夜。