Enter The Matrix Characters

Niobe’s Costume

This is a comparison between a reference photograph of Jada Pinkett Smith in costume as Niobe in March of 2002, and the resulting character model in-progress in April 2002. The digital character is rendered in 3DS Max and is the source file for the game.

These are some of the secondary game characters in Enter The Matrix, as rendered in 3DS Max. These source models for the game are scaled in detail depending on the platform the game is played on and factors taking place real-time during gameplay.

Police Officer
Swat Team Officer
Swat Team Pilot



Sharing the same rank as Trinity, Ghost is the First Mate of the Logos, and is a true spiritual martial arts warrior. To him, weapons are nothing less than works of art, and they are deadliest when in Ghost’s calm, practiced hands. In battle, Ghost’s body and mind become perfectly focused, working in flowing unison.

Where Niobe is focused, Ghost is centered. His is a spiritual presence among the Logos crew, and he brings an uncanny intuition to bear during missions. But when action is called for, Ghost becomes a whirlwind of fists and bullets.


Sharing the same rank as Morpheus, Niobe is the tough-as-nails Captain and pilot of the Logos, the smallest and fastest hovercraft in the Rebel fleet. Niobe is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and her skills as a Hovercraft pilot in the Real World and in the Matrix itself, are second to none.

If there’s a mission that requires tricky hovercraft flying, Niobe always takes the wheel.

Niobe is tough and self-reliant, and is a powerful leader among the rebels. When she makes a decision, her mind and her force of will become as powerful as a freight train. When Niobe makes up her mind, you either go with her or you get the hell out of her way.


Like Link, Sparks is the third crewman of the Logos, serving as Niobe and Ghost’s operator during their missions into the Matrix. Sparks is a wild, brilliant, hyperkinetic voice on the other end of the cell phone. During their missions within the Matrix, Niobe and Ghost are in constant touch with Sparks as he relays key information and supplies strategic advice.